DIHOME Interiors is one of the brands belonging to the “LE Brands Group,” with a focus on the international market.

The brand specializes in manufacturing furniture and upholstery, providing efficiency and a comprehensive response to various projects.‚Äč

DIHOME develops concepts that blend luxury and modernity, aiming to satisfy the pleasure of comfort in harmony with the refinement, elegance, and sophistication of a home. With a team composed of architects and designers, DIHOME creates high-quality products in a complex and profound design project. The ultimate goal is to present the customer with a unique and original product.
DIHOME has a showroom where it displays some of its products, allowing customers to visualize the quality, design, and materials available for each project.
With extensive experience over many years in the production of high-quality furniture and upholstery, DIHOME stands out for its dedication, care, and special attention to details.
DIHOME Interiors proudly presents uniquely designed products of superior quality, all exclusively produced in Portugal.

design 3d

Design 3D

3D Preview

At DIHOME, the interior design process goes through various phases, involving an extremely demanding and unique conceptual work that requires an in-depth study of the entire space and its functionality. Every detail is carefully considered with rigor and dedication.

When addressing the interiors of a residence, our goal is not only comfort but also elegance. At DIHOME, the conceptual design is a combination of 2D and 3D designs, resulting in a unique project for each client. We present clients with highly realistic images that allow them to visualize our furniture and upholstery within the context of the residential environment.”

DIHOME is part of a company specialized in furniture production, carpentry, and upholstery.

We have extensive experience in providing high-quality and efficient services, from furniture production to assembly, and interior design projects in collaboration with renowned architects and interior designers for residences worldwide.
DIHOME has highly qualified teams of professionals, always focused on achieving the best performance and complete customer satisfaction. We are prepared to offer an excellent service, presenting the most modern, contemporary or luxurious projects.

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